About Tejas Motors in Lubbock TX

Why Buy from Tejas?

"Tejas people are the friendliest and nicest people in the Lubbock car business". That is what we hear most often from our customers. We take pride in that belief by many of our customers who trade with us time and again because they like the way they are treated. Since 1995 Tejas Motors has worked hard to deliver the nicest used cars in West Texas and financing them too. The management team has over fifty years of experience. Sales people are long serving and trained in the "Tejas" ways we conduct business. 

You will find a really different kind of car-buying experience and we really mean it. You will find out the truth of that statement on your first visit to our new facility. Our customers are treated with respect because that is just the way we do business. Salespeople are courteous and don't display the "pushy" approach exhibited by many dealerships. 

Service after the sale? That's not just a slogan with us. We want to sell you a car but we also want to see you have a good experience and keep that car throughout its usable life. So, we will help you do just that. When and if you have a problem, we will help you work through it. After all, having a happy customer pays dividends in the future. A free warranty comes with every car we sell. 

Selection is second to none. There are many places in Lubbock to buy used vehicles. If you look closely you'll notice that many of them simply don't have the inventory numbers or quality that you may be searching for. We promise you won't find any car lot in town that will offer the quality of used cars that you will find at Tejas. At Tejas, late model clean cars, trucks and SUV's are our specialty. The Tejas car isn't easy to find but we undertake an endless search for those quality vehicles.